Advent Journey #2… Advent Cries

Advent cries for us…

Caught up in the busyness of this Christmas season advent cries for us. It longs for us to return, to make use of its deep hues of purple and flickering gold. 

This week we remembered the the prophets of old. Those men and women, who pointed Israel and us, towards God, who desire and year for us to repent and search for forgiveness and peace.

Repent seems like such a hard word, it is the word of the Street Preacher stood on his soap box telling us the kingdom is here: turn or burn! 

Yet we all repent. We all feel sincere regret when we do something wrong, it is just we often fail to acknowledge iy. We like to move on to the forgiveness without facing the pain we have caused. 

What have you done wrong this week? Who have you ignored or rejected, who have you argued with or hurt? 

If we are to strive for communities of peace and love then we need to repent with sincere hearts. We need to say sorry to those we have hurt, rejected, ignored. We do not journey alone, and if we journey with others we have to love others. As we pray for peace this advent let us remember those we have hurt and try to ask for forgiveness so that we may move towards Christ, who is our Prince of Peace.

In this second week of Advent, 

as the waiting and expectations heighten, 

deepen our desires for peace. 


Christian Aid prayer for Advent 2

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