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Launched in 2018 for would be theologians, thinkers and mystics this site is a place to be challenged, to be inspired and to be encouraged. 

If you want to think more about how faith and life intertwine then this is the place for you. Or, if you are a would be community organiser, priest or reconcilers these reflections may help you think more deeply about your own work and practice. 

I am currently serving as vicar of Norbury Parish Church, which is a church just on the edge of Stockport, and much of this blog will be inspired by my life and work here. Do check out our website, if you want to know more. In my spare time I am a husband, dad and keen reader. I am also going to be one of 21 community/faith leaders who will be taking part in @reconcilersT journey of hope pilgrimage and many of my reflections will focus specifically on the work of reconciliation.

As a newbie blogger, and reconciler, this is a place to create community. Feel free to comment and let me know what inspired you, challenged you or made you think. This is a place for discussion and reflection so feel free to become part of the conversation. But, understand that where comments are not respectful they will be deleted. 

So this blog is a place for us all, it is a place where I will offer reflections, ideas and share things that have inspired me. It is a place that I hope you will come back to and I truly hope that you will be encouraged to get involved in the conversation. Feel free to tweet me @revaskwith or follow me on instagram @revaskwith.

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